Paid Search Advertising

Search Network or Search Advertising include "Google Adword Software" , Yahoo ads and Bing Ads. We have Experts in Such PPC Advertising so Hire us for PPC advertising, We Provide Result Oriented Services. As We All Know Google Covers 80% of Search Query.

Display or Banner Advertising

Display or Banner Advertising is a Service where we can show our Banner ads on the Google Partners Website , Mobile site or on Mobile Apps. It works as your potential clients are reading or gaining knowledge about your products or services so that's a right time to show your ads that would be most relevant ads.

PPC Remarketing Ads

PPC Remarketing is a excellent way to come inside your potential customers. Legend marketers say show your business to your potential customers at least thrice then victory will be definitely yours. Repeated ads make very powerful impact on the customers.

Mobile App Install Advertising

Mobile App Install Advertising is a platform where you can show your Mobile App to your target market and also target billions of internet user and convert them to Download your Mobile app.

Google Ads & Video Advertising Services

Video Advertising is used for showing your business video and make awareness of your brand within your budget not like expensive TV advertisement because billion of internet user watch videos daily and you can target those to show your business video.

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Social Media Advertising - Facebook Ads Services

Social Media Advertising includes Facebook ads, Twitter ads , LinkedIn ads, Instagram ads and Many More Social Media Depending Upon Your Business Needs or Target Market. So social media is excellent form of advertising as far as it concern to B to C marketing or for Ecommerce Business.

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Price List

Choose your Own Plan - Contact us to get Customized Plan

Basic Plan
Rs10k per month
Monthly ad Budget Rs30k
150 Keywords
Search Network
Display Network
A/B Ad Testing
Advance Plan
Rs20k per month
Monthly ad Budget Rs40k-60k
250 Keywords
Search Network
Display Network
A/B Ad Testing
Business Plan
40k per month
Monthly ad Budget Above Rs60k
500 Keywords
Search Network
Display Network
A/B Ad Testing
The service "Online Presence" has provided for my company has been exceptional and I would not hesitate to recommend their services for all of your e commerce needs.
Raj Choudhary Google Adwords
I'm really very happy by the level of work from Online Presence and specially regarding PPC results they doubled the number of leads generated and halved the cost.Now we are using Online Presence for a number of projects as well.
Ashish Facebook Ads Services
Telling from my personal experience, its one of the best online services firm out there. Trust my words and just experience their support. U wont ever regret.
vaibhav aggarwal PPC Marketing

Useful Questions and Answers

Some Common Questions which are Freaking our Mind

What is Google Adwords and Facebook Advert Campaign Set Up?
Campaign set up includes Ad Text, Bid Setup, Number of Keywords, Geo targeting Setup Conversion Tracking, Ad Scheduling Setup, Remarketing Campaign.
What is PPC service Consultation?
A/B Testing,CTR Analysis,Landing page design,Competitor Analysis Landing Page Recommendation,Landing Page optimization,Keyword Refinements (if required).
What is Campaign Management?
Banner Ads,ROI Management,Keyword Optimization, Ad Copy Optimization,Google Analytics Set-up Keyword Bid Optimization,Daily Campaign Management
What Kind of support we provide?
Chat Support, Email Support and Phone Support.
Why hire us?
1. 8+ years of Experience in Paid Advertisement Industry.
2. Guaranteed 100% ROI Within 6 Months.
3. Advanced Google Adwords and Facebook Advert Certified Marketer’s.
4. More Than Rs40,00,000 Lac Spending on PPC ads Within Year.
5. We Cover Every Industries From E commerce to Offline Store Advertisement.
6. We understand your needs i.e. why Service Charge is Very Much Affordable.
7. Currently Working with 1000+ Happy Clients.
How do we provide Reporting?
Weekly Reports, Monthly Reporting, Custom Monthly Report, Initial Estimate Report
Why PPC Cost So Much?
In starting it require some amount of time to acquire Data of Your customers both in Google Adwords and Facebook Adverts and then we optimize campaign for best then it start giving you best results Minimum time require to gather data-3month – 6months.
Why are we not getting Results?
Results are Based on how effective your Campaign is running based on these conditions
1. May be you have not identified your target market where your ads are showing.
2. PPC Expert is not Certified.
3. May be Picked up Wrong Keywords.
4. May be our ads are not written effectively.
5. May be some issues with our landing page.

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